Sunday, March 05, 2006

Going Live Again Sunday March 5th

This version of the BeachReach prayer page will go live again tonight March 5th 2006. Last week we did experience some technical difficulties with SPAM robots and were forced to temporarily switch to for a couple of days. All that being said, welcome back to the main prayer page. Thank you for your prayers and all of your support.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Charis van had a few last prayer requests for the night and they are for Steve Price, who is a security gaurd at Marriott Hotel. His wife Karen is going to have hip replacement theropy, so they asked to pray for healing in that. Also, one last party of 2, Christina, is being picked up on the way home. Have a good night and thanks for all the prayers!
Praise God for showering out His grace tonight. Pray that the Holy Spirit works on those who we reached tonight.
Mander party of 6 was safely dropped off by Charis.
The party of 4 were safely dropped off by Greyland.
Greyland picked up a party of 4 from the street.
the group of 4 (the intoxicated ones).. that Greyland previously picked up were dropped off at the Waffle house (Natalie party of 4).
They picked them up from the Waffle House and dropped them safely off.
Pray they come to pancakes. They gave them New Testaments. Pray when they wake up they find them.
The party of 4 was safely dropped off by Greyland.
Requests from Greyland:

Jason is engaged. Pray for wise decisions while away from her at spring break.

For Rob to be convicted and come to pancakes.
correction.. Lisa party of 2 was Alisha party of 4. They've been dropped off safely by Greyland.
Matt party of 6 and Coco party of 6 were dropped off by Charis. Mander party of 6 will be picked up from BuckWild's.
Dale and Shawn were picked up and dropped off by Greyland.
Greyland dropped off Aaron party of 2 and picked up 4 others. They are very intoxicated. Pray for their safety.
Greyland is also picking 2 ladies from Lavela.
Nicole party of 5 was a no show...keep pressing on.
Greyland is picking up Aaron party of 2.
Greyland is picking up Stephanie party of 1.

Prayer requests for their previous rides:

Chelsea party of 4. That Matt quits finding excuses not to go to church. Andrew is experiencing a lot of violence in his home town. Pray that God will help him handle that situation.

For Dave that he will remember us tomorrow and come hungry for pancakes and Jesus.
Nicole party of 5 is being picked up by Greyland.
Charis is going to pick up Coco party of 6 at Levela and Matt party of 6 from Harpoon Harry's. Pray that God lets those conversations be focused with such a big group.
Stephanie and Mike were dropped off. They are coming to pancakes tomorrow. Pray that Michael comes with them and that God continues to work in their hearts.
The phone is ringing. Praise God!
Greyland will be picking up Stephanie and heading to Lavela.
Greyland is going to pick up Chelsea party of 2
Dave was dropped off by Greyland.
Charis is hanging at their destination. Mike was going to get Michael to come to talk. Pray that God continues to break their hearts and be filled with God's love.
Julie party of 5 got picked up by a taxi. Pray that they have a safe night and come to pancakes in the morning.
Brandon, Stephanie, and Mike are in Charis having wonderful conversations. Praise God!
Julie party of 5 is being picked up by Greyland. They have also picked up Dave from the street.
Charis is picking up Brandon from Lavela. Pray for God to work through the conversation.
Pray for those calls to come in and for God to continue to work through those we are sharing God's love with.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mike and Stephanie are being picked up by Charis at Levela. Pray that God works on both of their hearts. We've been able to get to talk to them quite a bit.
Pray that when they get back to the hotel, Michael will be willing to come down to the van. He spoke to Chris last night. Mike is hoping that he will come down to talk to Chirs about the things on his heart.
Darin party of 4 was just picked up from Greyland off the street. Pray the God leads their conversation on the ride.
We are officially through shift change. In the Greyland Express we have Justin, Matt, Geoff, Jamie S., Sarah, and Bryan. In Charis we have Scott, Daryl, Nik, Jamie B., Chris, and Andrew. In the prayer room we have Julia, Beth, Pat, and Kristi, in the command center we have Ben, Brittany answering phones, and I'm Emily updating you.

Pray for people to fill the vans. Currently we have no calls.
Jessie party of 6 was just dropped off by Greyland. Pray for Matt that he would go back to school, find direction, feel accomplished, and find hope.
Theresas group was approached by a taxi for a ride. They said they were only riding with the "Free Christians " Praise God because this has led to many good conversations.
Prayer Requests: Pray that Andrew and Danielle from Theresas party get back in the van. Andrew went up to Scott and said "you have what he's looking for" he thinks he shouldn't be with the group he is in. Pray that Kirby, who has had a lot of different views on religion that we would meet him again either in vans or at pancakes.
Hey guys its halftime once again. I'm signing off but someone great will be here to keep you well informed. Our 2nd half lineup will be announced shortly. Keep sending your prayers and support. ~Matt
We have a correction. Apparently Tommy's group was MIA and was not picked up or dropped off. Sorry for all this confusion
Tommy party of 9 was dropped off at Boardwalk by the Charis.
Derek and Daryl are having an awesome conversation. Seems Daryl has found a fellow Criminal Justice Major. Pray that that will not be the only thing they have in common. :)
Jesse party of 6 was picked up a while ago from the streets and is going to the Chateau. Pray that God continues to work their hearts over.
The Xpress is also taking Derek who is by himself from Days to La Vela. Pray that God is with his conversation with the crew.
The Xpress has picked up Theresa party of 4-5 from Days and is taking them to La Vela. They may be 1st timers so pray that they are receptive to what we have to say.
Charis is picking up Tommy party of 9 from Harry's and going to the Boardwalk. These are the "North Carolina" guys we've seen before, pray that they will have awesome conversations.
kk so we kinda messed up with Mike's group. Mike and Stephanies relationship is fine. It is Mike, the friend, that wants to pursue God. Mike and Stephanie are unsure of what to do about it. Please pray that their hearts are softened.
John party of 6 was dropped off at Boardwalk. They had awesome conversations pray that they come to pancakes or for more rides later tonight.
Mike and Stephanie are back on Charis heading to La Vela, please pray for their continued good conversations.
We here at Beach Reach strive for accuracy and are quick to correct any mistakes. Nikki, whom we have had much contact with this evening, is actually Mickey from the same party as the last few nights. God knows who we are talking to though pray that his heart is continued to be worked on.
The Xpress has picked up John party of 6 from Harry's and taking them to Boardwalk.
Cynthia party of 5 was dropped off at Coyote Ugly, which has become a hotspot. Pray for the springbreakers there.
Front Beach Rd. will have lots of construction tomorrow. Pray that it does not interfere with the rides. God laughs at these feeble attempts to hinder His Will.
Prayer request from the Xpress: 2 girls were walking on the side of the road. They didn't want a ride but took a flyer, pray for their safety tonight and that we see them at pancakes tomorrow.
John from Nikki party of 8 was left at Harry's pray that the Lord is with him and that he calls for a ride later.
The Charis has picked up Cynthia party of 5 and is taking them from Harpoon Harry's to Coyote Ugly. This is the same party from before pray for good, continued conversations from before especially since the same van is taking them.
Jeremy party of 2 was dropped off, pray that they are convicted about their current lifestyles. Pray that we can talk with the people of Aisha party of 8 in a smaller group. Many were interested but it was hard to get good conversations in.
Aaron party of 8 was the Nikki party from before but under a different name. Ryan, one of the members, was given a Bible and they are all coming tomorrow for pancakes. Pray for all of them and that God's working on their hearts.
!Code Red! we have lots of prayer requests coming your way. The Xpress has picked up Crystal party of 8 from Days and taking them to La Vela. They were dropped off and many of them had questions. Anthony had questions about homosexuality, please pray that God gives him clarity on His Will. Tamara and Coco had many questions about God. Brian and Kristi were floored with what we are doing here. Crystal and Aisha were impressed with the van rides and that they were free. Please pray that we get another chance to talk with them as it may be very fruitful.
The Xpress is picking up Aaron party of 8 from Harpoon Harry's and taking them to Bikini Beach. Continue to pray for more callers as its been a little slow. However God is constantly working we can take encouragement in that.
The Charis is picking up Aisha party of 8 from harpoon Harry's and taking them to the boardwalk/la vela area. Pray for good conversations. The Charis is now picking up Jeremy party of 2 from before from La Vela and taking them to Days Inn. Praise God for such a quick return, God must be working on their hearts. Pray for this divine appointment and that the crew will have the answers for what Jeremy and his friend are seeking.
Pat party of 1 was dropped off at Harpoon Harry's successfully. Please pray he has a safe night and that what the crew talked to him about would be laid on his heart.
Mike party of 2 was part of Mike, Mike and Stephanie from our previous nights. Stephanie wants to further investigate God but Mike, the boyfriend, is against it. Please pray for their relationship and that Stephanie will continue to seek God.
Jeremy party of 2 was dropped off at La Vela, they were kicked out of their hotel please pray that they find a place to stay tonight.
The Charis is picking up Pat party of one from Bikini Beach and taking him to Harpoon Harry's.
The Xpress is picking up Jeremy party of 2 from the Holiday in and taking them to La Vela. Please pray for good conversations since this has potential to be a long ride.
Update for Nikki party of 8: One of the riders is considering becoming an atheist please pray that he does not make that decision. Another rider was frustrated with the shortness of the ride but he wants to come to pancakes. Pray for another chance to talk to him and that God is laying it on his heart.
The Xpress is also picking up Nikki party of 8 from Bikini Beach and taking them to Harpoon Harry's. That seems to be the place to be tonight, pray for the springbreakers safety and that they will not find fulfillment there but only in the One place they can.
The Xpress is picking up Mike party of 2 from Beach Break en route to Harpoon Harry's. The Charis is taking Cynthia party of 3 from Boardwalk to Harpoon Harry's. Please pray for good conversations as we begin this night. Good things will happen when God's involved and He is in complete control.
Hello Beachreachers and supporters we are now running and taking calls. This is Matt, your webcaster this evening and beside me are Jamie B. and Ben in the command center. We have Pat, Nancy, Justin, Julia, Emily and Chris in the Charis. Scott, Bryan, Daryl, Natalie, Kristy and Elizabeth in the Xpress. Andrew, Nik, Jamie S., Brittney and Geoff in the Prayer room.
Thanks to everyone who spent time in prayer tonight!
God is doing amazing things in our lives and in the lives of those we've come in contact with!
We ask that you'd keep us in prayer throughout the week!

God Bless & Good Night! :D
Pray for Greyland, souls may be won over tonight!!! :D
Great conversations took place with Mike, Mike, & Stephanie tonight!! Nik, Chris, Julia, Beth and Andrew got to talk to them for 1/2 an hour!
Pray for Kyle that he can understand the concept of faith more clearly.
Also pray for safetly for our teams on the roads, many drivers don't seem to be sober.

Praise God for the amazing conversations taking place tonight!! :D
Nicole, party of 6, getting a ride from Charis from the Boardwalk to Coyote Ugly
Please pray for Genine and her group that we can get ahold of her to give her a ride!
Micheal party of 3 being picked up from La Vela and driven to Beach Break
Paul, party of 5, being picked up from Buck Wild and driven to the Holiday Inn
Adam party of 7 was joined by Tamara and Sharon. They were given a Bible! Pray that they come to breakfast tomorrow and continue their conversations!
Pray that those fighting the truth and questioning God will see how real He is and have faith in Him. One to pray for specifically is Charlie.

Also pray for Christian who was talking to Brittany in the same van and felt something moving in his heart.

Claim salvation for both Christian and Charlie!!
Genine party of 6 being picked up at the Holiday Inn by Charis and taken to Latitudes.
Bruno party of 2 is being picked up by Greyland and driven to Days Inn
Pray that the good conversations continue and that the people thirst to know more! :D
Please pray that our police officers be blessed for their work and that they be kept safe from harm.
Please pray that a party of 2 from Quebec come to the pancake breakfast tomorrow!
Adam party of 7 being picked up by Greyland at Buck Wild and taken to Paradise
Please pray that the people that call for rides show up and that the beach reachers get to share God's love with them!
Charis is picking up Will party of 3 from Buck Wild and will be driving them to the Days Inn
Ryan party of 6 being picked up by Greyland and driven to Sandpiper
Greyland is going to pick up Oliver and Nicole from Hammerhead Freds and take them to the boardwalk hotel.
Charis is picking up Charlie party of 5 from Hammerhead Freds and driving them to Sandpiper

Monday, February 27, 2006

Please pray for Charlie, he's apathetic.....pray that God would light a fire under him!
Pat party of 6 picked up by Greyland and being driven to Bikini Beach
Brett party of 4 is being picked up by Greyland at Hammerhead Freds and being driven to Holiday Inn
Charlie party of 5-7 is being picked up by Charis and being taken to LaVela
Pray for a healing in Jesus' Name for Daryl, his stomach isn't feeling well.
Prayer requests for John party of 10:

1)Pray that steve (along with the others) comes to the pancake breakfast!

2)Brian just got out of the hospital for reasons having to do with his alcohol intake. Pray that he is careful about what he puts in his body and that he stays safe!

The Bruno party of 5 has just added 4 more friends....pray for the conversations!!
Bruno party of 5 being picked up from Days Inn by Greyland. They will be traveling to LaVela.
We've just completed our shift change! Here's the new list of who is in each van:



Thank you for your prayers!! :D
John party of 10 is being picked up by Charis at Hammerhead Freds and being driven to P. Beach
Will party of 4 was just dropped off at Buck Wilds...they had good conversation!! :D
Pray that they call for another ride and come to the pancake breakfast!
Also from the party of 20 (from Charis).... Dallis had a good conversation with Emily! Pray that Dallas comes to the pancake breakfast eager to learn more about Christ!
From the party of 20.... a girl named Sara and her friend were excited about what they heard. They were dropped off at Buck Wild and took a Bible with them! Two girls named Melissa from the same van are coming to the pancake breakfast tomorrow to continue their conversations! Praise the Lord! Pray that God continues to stir them up and draw them to Him :D
Will party of 4. Being picked up by Greyland at the Days Inn. Traveling to Buck Wilds.
Chris party of 4 was dropped off at Key West. They had good conversation in the van and have some prayer requests:

1) Chris has four kids that he would like to be a good role model for. He also hopes to find a church.

2) Candy & Keith are traveling to Mississippi tomorrow and would like prayer for their safe travel.

3) Candy's back has been hurting lately, pray for a complete healing in Jesus' Name!

4) Pray that Jeff would be delivered from his alcohol addiction.

5) Pray that all 4 of them rely on God!
Travis party of 20!
Both Charis and Greyland are picking them up at Paradise Inn and will
be traveling to Buck Wild
Thanks to the prayer room people for all their work, it is such a blessing!
Praise God for putting people in our path for us to talk to! :D
Greyland picked up Dave and Brett party of 5 from the street and is driving them to Hammerhead Freds
Garret party of 8 was dropped off at Hammerhead Freds. They said they enjoyed the
pancakes this morning and will most likely call later for a ride! Pray that God softens their
hearts and opens the conversation to point to Him.
Garret party of 8 being picked up by Greyland at the boardwalk and driving to Hammerhead Freds
Randal party of 5 picked up by Greyland and driving to hotel.
They are interested in the free pancakes....pray that they attend a breakfast!
Chris party of 4 being picked up by Charis driving to Key West
Party of 5 being picked up at the board walk by Greyland and driving to Hammerhead Freds
Randal party of 5 picked up by Greyland and driving to Hammerhead Freds.
They are interested in the free pancakes....pray that they attend a breakfast!
Aaron party of 8 being picked up by Charis and heading to Hammerhead Freds.
Mike, Mike, & Stephanie were just dropped off at Hammerhead Freds.
They said that the conversation they had in the van last night was
good. Pray that they remember their conversations from tonight and attend a pancake
Party of 2: Cinthia and Clare.... just got dropped off at the Board Walk.
It was a short ride, pray that later tonight they get back in a van and get to spend more
time w/ the beach reachers.
Please pray for unity within the vans.
Party of 2 picked up at Hammerhead Freds by Greyland. Destination: Boardwalk
Party of 3 picked up by Greyland heading to Hammerhead Freds
Please pray for traffic! Front Beach is down to one way between Alf Coleman and the Days Inn.

Pray for the safety of the beach reachers and the spring breakers
Welcome!! We're starting again for the evening, your prayer is appreciated! :D

Team members in each van:


Claim healing for Emily: she has a headache
Mike party of 3: picked up by Charis @ Beach Break riding to Hammerhead Freds
Alrighty then, time to pack it up. Thank you for all your prayers, praises and support. Pray that God grants us a restful sleep so that we can continue to do His will in the coming days. Good Night :)
The Charis is picking up Michael party of 3 from La Vela and taking them to Beach Break
Well guys we are down to the homestretch. Keep praying it up out there that everything goes well down to the final second. Even though we are all getting tired and weary, God never sleeps or gets tired and He will carry us through.
Update for Brook party of 4, they can't wait for pancakes :)
One of the vans just talked to 2 girls outside of Latitudes that were just kicked out. They are really drunk, please pray for their safety, a friend is picking them up.
The Xpress has picked up Brook, party of 4 from the streets and is taking them to Fairspree. Please continue to pray for more rides as it is getting late. Also pray for springbreakers safety as they may be less likely to be sober.
Please pray that the people in Latitudes would not be having a fulfilling time and that they would call us for some rides. Also pray for the police that are out and about, there seem to be a lot of them. Please pray for their safety.
Its been kinda slow the last half hour, please pray for more calls, especially from those we have already see so that we can continue to talk with them.
Update for Igor party of 4, Igor is a Russian Jew. Seems they had a good conversation :) Also pray for Keith and Candy, members of the party, pray that they make it back safe as they had a bit too much to drink
We know that we gave passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death. Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him. This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives four our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear Children let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.
1 John 3:14-18

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Igor party of 4 is being picked up from Key West and are being taken to Days Inn.
The new lineup is as follows: Bryan, Emily, Justin, Geoff, Elizabeth and Kristi in the Xpress. Scott, Jamie B. , Andrew, Pat, Julia and Chris in the Charis. Daryl, Brittany, Nik and Jamie S. in the prayer room. Sarah and Ben are still manning the phones and I am Matt the guy that brings you the news from us to you. Thank you for your prayers.
The Charis is back in action and is picking up Tony party of one from the Holiday Inn and taking him downtown. Please pray that the new team that was rotated in continues to be bold when sharing their faith and Gods love.
Well it's halftime ladies and gentlemen. The score is a lot to a little with God being way ahead. Victory is already assured, keep that in mind. We appreciate all your prayers and praises.
Mickey party of 8 was just dropped off at their hotel. They have been at a strip club and the girl that is in their party was pretty shaken up, please pray for her. The party in general has not been having a good time, please pray however that we can see them at the pancake breakfast.
The Xpress is picking up Ashley party of 4 from the Sandpiper and are heading downtown. Pray that they find a Godly destination.
The Xpress has picked up Charlie party of 3-4 and is taking them downtown form the Sandpiper, continue to pray that God be in their talks with the springbreakers
An update for Mike, party of 1, he has been dropped off. Please pray that God be in his heart.
The Charis has also picked up John party of 4 and is taking them to Days Inn, it's a short trip but they would love to see them at the pancake breakfast. Please pray that they come.
The Charis just picked up Mickey party of 8 from the streets and took them to Bikini Beach. Pray for good conversations from such a large group, as the van may be a little crowded.
Mike party of 1 is being picked up by the Xpress and is being taken to the Boardwalk
The Charis just picked up John party of 4 off the streets and are taking them to the Days Inn
Hey thank you all out there for praying, its a little slow as of late, please pray that we get more people. Remember God's working even though we can't see everything that's going on
The Charis picked up Dan party of 3, short ride from the streets to the Holiday Inn, please pray that we see them for pancakes
The Charis met some men at Coyote Ugly, please pray that they will call the vans
Both vans are currently empty, pray that we get more riders. Also the Xpress is experiencing technical difficulties with their phone.
Jason was finally dropped off at the Navy Base. He is divorced and is trying to pick up the pieces. Pray that God fills him up. He also has a daughter, Isabelle and he hopes to see her again. Also he is graduating from the base in 3 days pray that that goes well.
Latitude seems to be the place to be this evening, please pray for the students there.
The Charis just had a perfect van ride. Stephanie part of Michael party of 3 grew up in the church, neither Michael said too much. Please pray that God is working is their hearts and that there is another opportunity to talk with them.
More requests for Pat party of 8. Nicki is wanting to study at U-M and Igor is not sure that Jesus is the messiah, please pray that God shows them the way.
Pat party of 8 was dropped off by the Xpress. Please pray for the 1 woman in the group, 7 guys and only one woman, please pray for her safety
Ken party of 2-4 was dropped off by the Xpress.
Charis is picking up Michael party of 3 from Beach Brake and taking them to La Vela. Pray that they have good conversations.
Jason is still on the Xpress. Jamie B. is talking with him about making a commitment to Christ. Pray that their conversation continues to go well and that whether we are cultivating or harvesting that Gods will be done.
The Charis is picking up Cintay party of 5 at a random location and taking them to Subway. Scott had a great time showing them God's love and joy. Please pray that they call for another ride or come to the pancake breakfast.
The Xpress will be picking up Ken party of 2-4 from Sharkeys and taking them to the Holiday Sunsire. Please pray for Ken and his group and that God will be part of their conversation with the van team.
Marien party of 1 was dropped off by the Charis. She was a victim of Hurricane Katrina and was relocated here. Please pray for her future and that God is a part of that. The van would like you to pray that they get another chance to talk to her.
The Xpress is picking up Pat party of 8 from Sharkeys, he was unsure of their destination. Pray for good conversations in the van even though it will be crowded.
The Charis is picking up Marien party of 1 from Hooters and taking her to Key West. Pray that God will be present in the van and that whatever reason she came to us will be fulfilled.
The crew from the Charis has met Willie and his friends from U-M. Please pray that his group calls for van rides or comes to the pancake breakfast.
Jason is talking with Nik on the Xpress. They are talking about his faith background. Pray that God will help Jason sort out his baggage and come to know the Lord better.
The Charis is going to hand out flyers at Wal-Mart until 8:45 (9:45) EST. Pray that more people get our flyers and call our vans or come to the pancake breakfast. Keith party of 4 was dropped off at Key West by the Xpress.
The night is young and God never sleeps. Pray that He continues to work in this city, that His spirit is flowing and going to change lives and use us in any way he can. Pray that we are flexible to His Will.
The Xpress is picking up Jason party of 1 from Best Western, he is simply along for the ride. Pray that God gives him what he is seeking.
The Greyland Xpress is picking up Keith party of 4 from Breakers and taking them to Key West. Please pray for boldness and good conversations in the teams first assignment.
The command center is online. Please pray for the teams in the vans as they make their way into Panama City Beach and for the people they will meet. We have Bryan, Nancy, Nik, Jamie B. , Brittany and Daryl in the Greyland Xpress. Scott, Kristi, Chris, Natalie, Jamie S. and Pat in the Charis. Julia, Justin, Emily, Andrew, Elizabeth and Geoff praying it up in the Prayer Room. Sarah and Ben are working the phones. I am Matt and I will be relaying the prayer requests and updates to you websurfers this evening.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thank you for your Prayers!!

Welcome to the BeachReach 2006 live prayer website. We are excited that you are here. This site will go live on February 25th and will run most nights between 7:00pm and 2:00am until the end of March. For those of you who don’t live here in Panama City Beach Florida remember that we are on Central Time. Know that we are excited about your prayer support for BeachReach this year. Without your prayers the work done on BeachReach would be much more difficult and much less fruitful.

Not sure what BeachReach is all about? Want to know what happens down in Panama City Beach Florida over Spring Break? Check out for more information.